Mini Transat 2023

This is Me and My Project

Why the Mini Transat?

To Transmit and Inspire:  Selfassertion – Selfsufficiency – Solidarity – Solitude – Sustainability – Ocean awareness – Competition – Daring – Going beyond – Ability – Capability – Bravery – Reasonable – Humble – sharing – passion – beyond your horizon – Make up your mind – extraordinary – finding solutions for problems unsolved – pushing boundaries – never give up – never loose hope – achieving what others don’t even attempt – believe and trust – share the love – confront your demons – find peace – innovation – technology & psychology – Go Big.

Why run in the Proto class?

I am in it for the full offshore experience! I want to get a grip on what it takes to get a thorough-bred racehorse to run. I want to experience all the innovations that made shorthanded offshoreracing continuously exceed previous performances. Most innovations were developed in the classe mini 650 in France.

Why the 934 Lilienthal?

It is my favorite combination of        skipper – naval architect          who have conceived the boat together. Jörg Riechers has always had a good feeling for a sound and successful package of performing boats and Etienne Bertrand has always lived for the Mini Class with great passion and also success. He has always been innovative and embodies in my view the Mini Spirit like few others. He not only builds fast and well-thought boats, but also continuously makes attempts to keep the Minitransat accessible for everyone.

Lilienthal is the perfect example of a prototype: it is basically a platform for innovation. Lilienthal, in the most positive sense, is an unfinished business and invites to keep pushing and experimenting to tweak out a bit more performance here and there. I would also consider it a perfect boat to learn to understand what these Boats are about. It is still the perfect boat to start into an ambitious Mini-Career, with nothing but podium finishes in the Transat so far and a podium position still and easily within reach for ambitious sailors to date. With Jörg, we were smoking against one of the Top Boats in the circuit last fall.

I am in it to share Experience and Thoughts from: reading, living, parenthood, psychology – psychotherapy, counseling experiences, I’m not afraid to get philosophical.

I am in it to promote: Values – Change – Rescuing the world – Democracy – Decency – Europe – Liberté – Egalité – Fraternité…

I am in it to interact: I am always curious, I love people! So if you are interested in any way, contact me! Comment below or write an e-mail via: www.classemini.fr skippers: Frank Winter. It is such a cool opportunity to live as a human being on this planet. If any of the various aspects I am presenting here or hitherto catch your interest, let me know and I can highlight and expand on them!

Looking forward!

Frank Winter